Oct 10 2017

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TV From Home. Expat Television Services

BRAND NEW Service for Expat s in Europe

British, Irish American HD Cable TV for Expats

Welcome to TV From Home. Expat Assist. The Mobile Friendly website of TV From Home .

We supply, install service all Satellite Television Systems including offering our installation repair service if you bring your own Satellite system with you when relocating to your new Home.

We have supply a large choice, at very competitive prices, of Satellite TV Receivers Decoders, Satellite Dish Antenna s including both Standard Dishes as well as Flat Cube Antenna s that are extremely discreet, ideal for installation on balconies or in situations where Satellite Dish Antenna s are not normally allowed. We supply Satellite TV systems that are both FTA Free To Air as well as Pay TV such as SKY, Freesat, Fransat, Canal Digital, Viasat, just tell us what Television Channels you wish to watch and we will make you a personal tailor made price quote that will suit you and your Family.

We supply Expats in all Countries : If you would like concise full information on all our Expat Television Radio services for Expats living abroad then please CLICK HERE to visit to visit on your PC, Laptop or Tablet as visitors using their Mobile Phone will only be able to see basic information when continuing on this site. However your welcome to use the Contact Form just below to request full details costs or free advice from our team.

Choose from either Satellite Television or Expat Cable TV. We can assist with any TV provider or choose our brand new Expat Cable TV Service that offer s British, Irish, American, Portuguese, Indian Russian Television allowing you to watch all your TV stations without the need or fuss of having a Satellite Dish Antenna installed, simple easy. Just ask us for details.

What language TV would you like to watch ?

Send us a message right now receive a FREE Price Quote

Digital Satellite HD TV Cable HD TV Installation

Looking for an English speaking Satellite Television Installer for your Home or Office or Business.

Our professional digital satellite TV Cable TV installers can get you connected to all your TV Radio channels from your Home Country. Just tell us the Country your from and we can provide you with a Satellite or Cable TV system that will allow you to watch and listen to all your TV channels Radio stations from your Home Country when living abroad.

We supply brand new systems ( dish antenna / satellite receivers decoders ) including installation to the highest standards as well as the installation of your own satellite system ( Sky + HD Freesat, Viasat, Canal Digital, or any other provider ) when relocating from your old Home.

Buying a new Television or Digital Satellite TV Receiver

We have the best choice of brand new Televisions ( including delivery set up at your Home or Office ) as well as Digital Satellite HD TV receivers dish antenna systems.

Fast professional service with a confirmed price quote delivery to your Home or Office.

Service installation where you live

Expat Satellite HD Cable Television services available in. Algeria, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Holland, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Moscow, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain including the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands Ibiza, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If your moving in to your brand new home or simply upgrading your own current Home, Expat Assist combines the best of high quality products with fast professional service.

Contact us

Email or telephone us for details on our products services including a personal free price quote tailor made for you :

TV From Home where you live Click for more details

Brussels, Antwerpen, Paris, Antwerp, Waterloo, Tervuren.

TV For Expats in Europe

Fed up with missing all your Sports, News, Movies & TV Shows. TV From Home get you connected. Choose between Satellite HD TV or Expat Cable HD TV. Special Offers & prices for TV from the UK, Ireland & America. All the Channels LIVE & with DVR.
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Computer Assist

Delivered & installed at your Home or Office. Brand new Computer systems as well as refurbished Desktops, Laptops & Monitors at unbeatable prices. Anti Virus & Spyware software advise & support. Home & Office Networks, WiFi Internet Routers installed. Problems fixed with our quick response Repair Team.
Click Here for English speaking Computer & WiFi Internet Assistance

Garden Assist

Moving in to your brand new House or simply renovating your current Home’s Garden. Whatever you & your Garden require, our professional Gardeners can help, give advice & of course carry out the required work in your Garden to the highest standards. Expat Assist is your perfect solution for all your Gardening needs right here in Belgium. Ask us for a Price Quote today.
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Electrician Assist

A faulty lamp repaired to having your whole House or Business rewired.
Whatever you require, our professional Electricians can help, give advice & of course carry out the Electrical work to the highest standards. Expat Assist is your perfect solution for all your Electrical needs here in Belgium.
Click Here for English speaking Electrician

Plumbing Assist

From having a leaky tap or toilet repaired to getting your central heating, air conditioning or water softener installed, serviced or repaired. Fancy a new Kitchen or Bathroom to brighten up your Home. Expat Assist is your one stop solution for all your Plumbing needs here in Belgium.
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