Jul 22 2017

Vision Online – Online DVD rental software – Put your DVD rental or game rental business online #car #rent

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Would you like to:

  • Run an online only DVD/Game rental business?
  • Create an online presence for your physical store?
  • Use your phsyical store’s DVD/Game inventory to rent online as well?
  • Sell products (stock) via the internet?

If the answer to one or more of the above is yes then Vision Online is probably just what you’re looking for!

Vision Online is an add-on module for Video Vision Plus rental software. The solutions available in the Video Vision range may be used for controlling a physical store, running an entirely Online rental operation, or creating an online presence for a physical store.

Vision Online places your movie/game rental inventory on the internet and allows your customers to search for items. manage their own personal wishlists. see real time availabilities. make rental requests and (if desired) sale of items is also possible. Online sites have a fully integrated shopping cart and payment by PayPal can also be incorporated into a site if required.

Online may be customized to suit your needs and different sections of the site can be enabled or disabled as required. For instance, if you do not want to sell items the ‘Purchase’ section can be removed during setup of your Online site.

Key Vision Online Features

  1. Quickly and easily place your store’s rental AND sale inventory on the internet.
  2. Show real time availabilities of your store inventory.
  3. Accept rental requests, reservation requests, and make sales online. If you have a physical store your potential customer base is probably just a few thousand – with an online store is can be converted into millions with a relatively small cost!
  4. Fully integrated shopping cart with PayPal payments (optional).
  5. YouTube and Facebook integration is possible. YouTube movies (e.g. a movie or game trailer) can be added for each rental item (optional) and Facebook “Like” buttons can be shown next to each rental item (optional) – these options not only improve the customer experience on your site but also have the added bonus that customers may promote your store to their friends via Facebook.
  6. Run unlimited rental membership schemes, pay as you go schemes or schemes of both types similtaneously.
  7. Control your store AND your Online site with Video Vision Plus. The use of Video Vision Plus (a very powerful POS software solution) provides vastly superior functionality than available using a web interface (as provided with other online rental solutions). Additionally, if you also have a physical store it means you control your physical and online stores with the same software eliminating the need for double keying of movie information and all transactions.
  8. Integrate your Online site with your own existing site or run as a complete standalone site.
  9. Fully customizable – virtually all aspects of the site can be customized to fit your needs. If you wish to display your site in a language other than English this is possible. Note: simple alterations (e.g. changes to the basic color scheme of the site) can be conducted as part of basic setup – other customizations have an additional cost based on the complexity of the required changes).

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