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Unlimited FREE game rentals at HASTINGS – Video Game Deals – Cheap Ass Gamer #dumpster #rental #prices

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Posted 27 August 2007 – 02:50 PM

Well huh, I ve never heard of this before. Hope my Hastings has a copy of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption before this expires (Sept. 3rd apparently). How long has this been on their site? I was wondering if it actually ended on the 3rd, or if that was just that particular coupon it put up and if it changed depending on when you signed up.

EDIT: Checked out that extra $5 credit coupon that you also mentioned. on the site it says they give $27 credit for Lost Planet on 360, so with the 5 extra it comes up to $32 credit at Hastings. Considering you can get it for

22 bucks with the $10 off coupon at EB Games/Gamestop right now, that might be an interesting trade for some people.

(Speaking of which – wtf is with their credit quotes? Lost Planet is 27, but stuff like Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas are only worth 11 credit there. Seems weird to me. Another thing – says Wii Play gets 22 before the 5 bump. If that doesn t include a remote – which I assume it doesn t – that s a great deal. A local shop around here sells used copies of Wii Play for $12 each for christ s sake)

RE-EDIT: Since you said you didn t see the list it mentioned on what games applied, I figured I d post it since it s there when you click on the coupon s image. They are as follows:

Value after $5 bonus:


Halo 2 – 15

Fight Night Round 3 – 11

GTA San Andreas – 11

Gander Mountains Trophy – 11

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