Apr 11 2017

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Travel Trailer Rental

Comfortable and Convenient Travel Trailers

Is a family vacation on the horizon? With a travel trailer from Greenwood RV. you’ll have everything needed to make your trip memorable for all of the right reasons. Arrive and set up camp with the convenience of being able to unhitch and free up the use of your vehicle for exploration.

Sleep comfortably and enjoy the benefits of a private bathroom and kitchen with room left over for all passengers and their belongings. No matter what the weather, a comfortable travel trailer rental provides protection from the elements with an included AC and heating system. View our current trailer rental inventory, and learn more about each unit.

Why Rent a Travel Trailer from Greenwood RV

To better suit the needs of our customers, we offer travel trailers for rent. Call ahead to ensure you have the correct vehicle for hauling one of these rentals — all require at least a ½ ton pickup truck to pull them — or for an additional fee, we can also deliver directly to your home or campsite.

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