Jul 8 2018

The Lens, In-depth news and investigations for New Orleans, lens rentals.#Lens #rentals

The Lens – In-depth news and investigations for New Orleans

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What value do wetlands within the city have for flood protection?

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The Port of New Orleans wants the city to change the official land use for two properties along the Intracoastal Canal so it can develop them. Environmental groups say the wetlands help prevent flooding and act as backup protection against storm surge. The port says they are practically worthless because they lie behind levees and a storm surge barrier.


Researchers: Oystermen should shift cultivation farther offshore

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The oyster and fishing industries have opposed the state’s plan to rebuild its coast by directing river water into eroding wetlands. New research could help oystermen adapt if the diversions make waters inhospitable to oysters. Oystermen say the research is solving the wrong problem.

Land Use

How Airbnb is pushing locals out of New Orleans’ coolest neighborhoods

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The sharing economy was supposed to benefit residents. Instead, our investigation shows it’s accelerating gentrification, making neighborhoods richer and whiter. In this collaboration with HuffPost, we take you to a block in Treme where 10 of the 16 homes are vacation rentals.

Government Politics

Fears over hurricanes, drainage play into debate over new power plant

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Without a new power plant, Entergy New Orleans says “New Orleans is at risk of cascading electrical outages or blackouts.” Critics say the vast majority of outages in the city are related to power lines, and a new power plant won’t solve the problem. They say it would cost less to fix the power lines.

Government Politics

See which neighborhoods LaToya Cantrell captured in her mayoral victory

Our election results map is accompanied by analysis and commentary. We tracked the mayoral and two City Council runoffs.


With vote to close Mahalia Jackson, school board continues to whittle away at traditional schools

After it closes next spring, just three traditional schools will remain in the city.

Criminal Justice

Orleans DA s office is searching 150,000 case files to find fake subpoenas, arrest warrants for witnesses

For months, the DA has said it’s too hard to find fake subpoenas. Now he’s trying.


35 Days: My candidate for mayor lost — but New Orleans won big

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Reflections on a history-making election

How to squeeze payback politics out of city contracts for professional services

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Tulane public interest lawyer would engage college presidents in selection process.

The Big Sleazy: Let s make sure our next mayor doesn t suit up for pay-to-play contracting games

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The bad old days could be right around the corner.

Charter Schools

Compare 2017 school performance scores for New Orleans schools

Schools run by the Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District received a C this year.

KIPP Leadership employee falsified records to admit children too young for kindergarten

The children can stay, but the state won’t pay for their education this year.


School drinking water will be tested for lead — after filters are installed to remove it

If the filters are installed properly, the tests should not detect any lead. School leaders decided not to test the water before installing filters.


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Lens rentals

Lens rentals

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