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Teleconference Service


Teleconference Service, NEF2.COM

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Teleconference / Teleconference Call Services

How telephone conferencing calls works?

Conference calls allow the host to call participants and add them to the call. Often guests call into the conference call themselves by dialing a telephone number that connects to a “conference bridge” (a specialised type of equipment that links telephone lines). New services include integrated web and video technologies as well as access from mobile apps.

How you can use Telephone Conference calling

Teleconferencing / conferencing services are used daily by many businesses to meet with people, both internally and outside of their company. Common applications include;

  • client meetings or sales presentations
  • project meetings and updates
  • regular team meetings
  • training classes
  • communication to employees who work in different locations.

You can easily access bring your customers and your co-workers together, or enable your workforce to meet and share knowledge.

What conference call services we offer?

Integrated telephone conference calling web conferencing service

Access your call via secure telephone numbers from your desk phone, mobile, tablet or desktop.

We ve been in business for over 20 years own our own conference bridges – this equals highest quality audio for our customers with 99.9% up time on crystal clear lines.

Start over the phone and then on the same call switch over to sharing a document to collaborate on via our desktop and award winning mobile apps or schedule calls via your outlook calendar.

Operator assisted audio conferencing

An operator provides a professional and structured call – ideal for a high profile client presentation or customer education seminars.

Budget Conferencing’s Phone Conferencing Service can save you up to 85%

A sample conference call during business hours lasting 60 minutes, with 6 participants in Australia: all join by toll free number, national wide.

  • A Telstra audio conferencing call would cost: $198
  • An Optus audio conferencing call would cost: $162
  • A HotAir audio conferencing call would cost: $90
  • A Eureka audio conferencing call would cost: $50.40
  • A Budget Conferencing conferencing call would cost: $32.40

You would save on that telephone conference call $165.60

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