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Easiest Way to Compare Motorhome, Campervan and RV Rentals in the USA

Rv rental usa

VroomVroomVroom is an industry leader in RV and motorhome rental comparison! We compare RVs, motorhomes, and campervans in over 75 locations across the United States, including Las Vegas, Denver, California and Alaska. We have filtered the search so you can easily find cheap RV rentals in key cities and major airports. You can compare vehicles based on their price, features, age and rating from actual customers. Rent an RV so you can start exploring the USA. If you are traveling internationally, VroomVroomVroom also offers motorhome and campervan rentals in popular destinations such as Canada and Australia.

Locate an RV rental near me

Where to find reliable and cheap motorhome rentals in the United States

This means you can take your driving vacation to the next level by booking an RV rental in the USA – stay close to the road as you travel America. With such great selection of locations to choose from (many of them close to major cities and airports), you can take off on your next camping adventure even quicker than you think.

VroomVroomVroom has RV and campervan locations for you in all of the places listed below. Just click one of the links to explore info and photos for these awesome places, and check out our helpful listings of RV parks and cool and interesting local attractions, too! Then, use the big orange search box at the top of this page or any of the locations below to look for reliable RV rentals or find the model of the RV, motorhome or campervan that you want to rent.

If you prefer a smaller vehicle, but not too small like an SUV or station wagon, then you can find a great selection of medium to large-sized vehicles at VroomVroomVroom! You can also find vans in our selection which is perfect for those travelling in large groups. Check out our US Car Rental page for a list of locations where you can rent a car. We guarantee the best rates in rental cars so start searching now to enjoy huge savings.

Helpful tips for newbies

If you’re traveling to the United States from outside the country, you may normally refer to an “RV” or “motorhome” as a “campervan”. In the U.S., we commonly say “RV” to mean a variety of recreational vehicles, including but not limited to “motorhomes”, “campervans”, and “pop-ups” (trailers).

In the motorhome and RV industry, a “berth” refers to how many people can sleep onboard the vehicle comfortably. But it’s also important to find out how many seat belts are equipped in your motorhome, because your travel plans may be affected if a large group will be on the road.

For all of your RV rental needs, VroomVroomVroom is here to help you. Exploring the United States from the comfort of an affordable motorhome is the most fun we know of. By using the search box at the top of this page, you’ll instantly generate a list of all motorhomes, campervans and RVs available to rent in your chosen location.

If it’s your first time to rent a motorhome and go camping, you may want to check out our cool infographic on Holiday Camping Tips for some useful information. Get inspired travelling by checking out our Instagram page which features spectacular places and travel quotes or read articles about camping in our Blog.

Of course, we also help drivers to find cheap deals book a rental RV, motorhome, or campervan in other countries around the world:

RV Rental Suppliers

VroomVroomVroom currently has seven suppliers in America. We offer discounted rates on RV rentals, campervans, and motorhomes from Apollo, Compass, El Monte RV, Expedition Motor Homes, Stardrive, StarRV, and Sunshine RV. Click here to learn more about each supplier. If you need help at any point in the process of finding or booking a cheap RV rental, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the phone numbers provided above, to the right of the search box. Our friendly and professional customer care team are ready to help you and answer all your queries.

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