Dec 18 2017

Renting Cheap College Textbooks Online- A Review of #unlimited #mileage #car #rental

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Renting Cheap College Textbooks Online- A Review of

You may be taking a look at your different options to find cheap college textbooks, and you ve come across renting your textbooks from Campus Book Rentals.

This article covers a few of the points to consider about renting college textbooks, and possibly getting your books from Campus Book Rentals.

The service they offer is relatively simple. Instead of buying your textbooks, say for top dollar from the college book store, or online at Amazon and spending hours searching, you can rent your exact textbooks from Campus Book Rentals for the specific length of time you re going to need them.

We ll take a look at some of the problems about acquiring college textbooks in general. Yes, they are expensive, but moreso:

  1. You collect boxes of heavy books you may never look at again (realistically maybe 2-3 are of future value.)
  2. They can be stolen.
  3. You have to spend time sourcing them out.
  4. You end up in long lines at the college bookstore.
  5. When you re done with your classes, if you don t want the books, you have to spend time selling them.
  6. If you decide to drop a particular class, you ve still got the book.
  7. Getting all the books you need, in time, can be very stressful.
  8. There s no guarantee the teacher will not change textbooks in the middle of the class.

Without a doubt, dealing with the books can be a hassle.

Campus Book Rentals started up in 2007. They are based in Ogden, Utah.

Not exactly old-timers, but they are pioneers in the field of renting cheap college textbooks, and been successful long enough to sort out the bugs in their business. Based upon feedback they ve received, they have hit on a workable concept, and have done a good job in executing their business model.

Here are a few key factors in their business practice.

  • All shipping costs are covered by Campus Book Rentals, both in receiving and returning your textbooks. This is a major point; the whole idea of renting your textbooks is to save money, so why pay for shipping a lot of heavy books.
  • They have live help available to answer questions. As well, this is a pretty major point. Dealing with a company via email, that takes a day or two to respond, will tremendously increase the stress level when you re under the gun to get your books before classes start. Being able to give fast answer, and you being able to get fast answers, is key to survival in any business.
  • They offer a 30 day guarantee. If you decide either the class, or the book, is not right for you, you ve got a 30 day grace period. Again, this is a smart business practice on their part. They have no doubt been listening to their customers, this one right here is probably what keeps their long-term customers coming back.
  • They have a number of rental periods, to accommodate different student schedules. You can choose to rent for a semester, a quarter, or a summer period. Here again is a smart policy, as they are accommodating students with standard schedules, post-graduate studies, or accelerated program classes.
  • They have a grace period past the end of the rental term of 15 days. They again have been listening to their customers, and have adopted yet another smart policy. The reality of college life encompasses make-up exams. With a tough major, you may focus on getting through your main classes, but one or two of the less-important classes slide. You still need them, so you do a make-up exam. Keeping those books that extra 10 days or so can make the difference.
  • on top of this they have 15 30 day rental extensions, and for any classes you take over completely a 30% discount on renting the book again. These are practices which accommodate real-life student demands, and which provide value to their long-term customers, at the expense of a quick buck.
  • They offer rental insurance. The fee for their textbook insurance by all accounts is minimal. Insurance is something to consider only on an individual case by case basis, at times it s worth the extra expense, and most times it is not (as in an extended warrantee for a new flat-screen TV, something that shouldn t need an extended warrantee.) The black market for stolen college textbooks has gone through the roof with the increasing costs of these books; in this case rental insurance does make sense.
  • They do not get nit-picky about highlighting and written notes in the textbooks they receive back. Once again here s a smart policy, as it reflects a realistic approach to college life. While I m sure the doodles of a bored student are not appreciated, this also recognizes that for most students it s always nice to get a used textbook where someone has already done some of the thinking and evaluation of the information contained therein!
  • If you decide you want to keep the book when you re finished with your class, you can buy it from them.
  • Finally, if you have any college textbooks you want to sell, you are able to do so through Campus Book Rentals.

This has covered the main points of business of Campus Book Rentals.

It s pretty easy to spot a company that was founded and operates from a strong philosophical background. Viewed from a solely financial basis, they tend to operate in terms of holding on to their long-term customers, instead of making short-term profits.

Often times they have a philanthropically mindset. That is the case with Campus Book Rentals. As they ve grown, they have donated more and more to charitable contributions. This has included the One Laptop Per Child foundation , as well as educational, sports equipment and, key point, their time to elementary schools in poorer neighborhoods.

All in all, their customer feedback shows a strong sense of exchange and providing value. Campus Book Sales should be at the top of your list of options for finding cheap college textbooks .

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