Aug 8 2017

Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals – Villa and Condo Accommodations #house #for #rents

#puerto rico vacation rentals

Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals

Spanish influence, combined with a rich Indian heritage, makes the island of Puerto Rico a world of discovery, full of natural wonders, sparkling beaches and endless adventure. Vacation rentals, condo rentals, apartment rentals, or villa rentals and beach-side accommodations, are the way to stay in this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Owner Direct Vacation Rentals is an unique vacation home rental “matching service” that makes finding villa rentals quick and easy when planning your holidays.

A vibrant nightlife, 270 miles of pristine beaches lined with trees which serve as a background to the languid Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea – or a game of golf under the cloudless sky – is here for the asking. A villa rental is close by should you wish to play a full round of golf, or the front nine or back nine. Today and every day of your Caribbean vacation. choose what you will enjoy doing.. Known as a romantic island, Puerto Rico is perfect for a wedding or anniversary celebration.

Pick a favoured surfing beach, or snorkel among the hundreds of available reefs teaming with marine life. Walk on the most interesting beaches in the Caribbean – black sand or sea glass – on the Vieques Islands. Located off of the coast of, Fajardo . beaches of the tiny island of Palominito will appear familiar to you if you have seen the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean . Puerto Rico is the Caribbean’s best-kept underwater secret with over 600 different species of fish, turtles, rays, and marine life .

Heading back to your villa rental, you appreciate the fact that you can relax in the pool. and enjoy a refreshing drink as you share stories of traversing the dirt-bike tracks in the rainforest. Later on this week, you all agree to bike at a slower pace through Old San Juan while viewing its ancient fortifications.

Puerto Rico is your vacation rental accommodations destination for an adventurous holiday. Imagine a week of swimming in subterranean rivers. the adrenaline-rush as you are rappelling down limestone ravines. zip-lining over the rain-forest canopy, scuba diving the deepest depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and kayaking into a bay.

While you were preparing supper with a group of equally adventure-minded friends in your vacation rental, the bet is on: Who will dare to zip-line. face-down in The Beast, at 60 miles per hour over 4,000 feet. The answer to this question will be decided as you take an ATV tour through El Yunquea. while you take a dip in a cool mountain stream.

A variety of lodging accommodation is here for the choosing. Owner Direct Vacation Rentals has a beach-side or condo rental, villas, apartment rentals, or vacation rentals with a swimming pool. A Puerto Rican vacation will enthrall you. Accommodation suitable for one or two persons, or a group of friends and family, can be found by utilizing the features of this website.

Puerto Rico last minute deals on vacation homes will be highlighted in red if available. Start your accommodation search in Puerto Rico now. Just enter your travel dates, number of travelers, and click ‘search’ for a list of properties for rent.

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