Aug 6 2017

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The average new game costs about $50, is it worth buying new games all the time? How about renting them at your local video rental store, it’s not cheap either. The games may be overdue before you even master the game. The late fees you’ve been paying can be worth buying a used game. Is there a better way of trying the games out before you actually want to buy them? Try online game rentals!

Online game rental works the same way as online DVD rental – you place the games you want to rent in a queue, the available ones will be shipped to you via United States Postal Service. You can keep the games for as long as you want. There is never a due date and you will never pay any late fees.

Just like online DVD rental, you only need to pay a flat monthly fee to get unlimited game rentals. However, most of the service providers only offer 2 plans – 1 game or 2 games out at a time. The monthly subscription costs more than that of DVD rental services. It’s understandable since each game costs 2 to 3 times the price of a DVD. However, games depreciate much faster than DVD movies. Used games can be bought at even greater discounted price. Unlike movie renters, most gamers keep the games longer, so the turnaround time of game rentals is much slower than that of DVD rentals. Majority the gamers have the tendency to keep playing the “good” or “hot” games over and over again. And you will end up just renting 3 to 4 games a month if you decide to take the time and beat each game.

Unlike DVD rentals, which only has a single format (region 1) in the United States, the same game titles usually made for multiple platforms – Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP. Make sure the games that you want to rent are availble for your game console.

Before you sign up with any of the online game rental services, be sure to check out game selections, prices, available plans, shipping centers, game system compatibility, and customer support. Most of the services offer 2 week free trials. Try them out and decide yourself if it’s worth renting games online.

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