Aug 12 2017

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Online transition programs for LVNs for Texas

I am currently a LVN in Austin tx. I was applying for Lamar port Arthur online but they has a warning and are not taking new nursing students. I can not get a hold of anyone. No one will return my phone calls so I don’t know if they are ever going to continue the progr. Anyway I was looking for other options I’m not sure i want to do excelsior because of the cost. Does anyone know or can give me any information of online programs that are recognized by Texas. I heard Indiana state university had one but not sure for that’s accurate. I searched the texas BON but I can’t find any online programs. Any help would be great thanks.

My intentions where also to sign up with Lamar this year. I also saw that they had pulled their openings for the rest of the year. I called them and talked with the nursing department. I was told that the reason for pulling the start dates was because the received a warning status from BON/NCLEX because of the lowered pass rate of students. Pass rate apparently went below 85%. The lady told me that they could not understand why so basically they requested a investigation into how the tests where taken. They received a report that many of their students where waiting 6+ months to take the NCLEX which was causeing a lowered pass rate on first attempt testing. Although, when they tested a second time the pass rate was almost 100% basically. This lowered rated caused the BON to put a warning against them and only allow one start date per year.

I was told that they were going to recheck after the October test date (which was the past October 2012) and wait for the warning to be removed so they could open more start dates. I was told to keep watch on the site for more dates to appear or else the next one would be basically in January of 2014

Excelsior College Nursing programs are accredited by the NLNAC (Excelsior College Nursing Programs – ), and graduates of the Excelsior ADN program are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN for licensure in Texas (FAQ’s for Students ).

I am also located in Texas and currently enrolled in the Excelsior ADN program, so I did the legwork to make sure I wasn’t wasting my money.

I have been impressed with the Excelsior program so far and am happy I chose to go with their ADN program. I know that Panola College in Carthage has a LVN-RN program with distance learning option you may want to check out. I almost went with them, but Excelsior won out in the end.

I am in the same boat! Moved to Austin about a year ago and already graduated LVN school and there is just nothing for an LVN to ADN program here. I would like to know what you decided. I did check out Port Arthur Lamar and they still have no start dates yet. Please let me know!

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