Apr 8 2019

Online banking Services

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Online banking Services, NEF2.COM

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Citibank Alerting Service

Get informed by SMS on your mobile phone or by email whenever a transaction takes place on your accounts, get account balance updates and receive Credit Card and Bank account debit alerts and more!

As part of the system upgrade, if you are subscribed to the alerts service you will now be subscribed to an alert package that will include a set of Banking/Credit Card alerts availed to your accounts.

  • You can configure preferred delivery time and the method of notification (by email and / or SMS)
  • In addition, you will receive some alerts even if you are not subscribed to any of the alerts packages to notify you about change in your contact details, ATM PIN and any failure login attempt to Citibank Online.
  • Citibank Alerting Service comes in two packages, Banking Standard and Cards Standard. which you can choose from depending on your preferences and needs.

What types of alerts are available?

Account BalanceOnce a day/week/month

You will receive an alert with your checking account balance based on the frequency you select.

Time Deposit Subscription

Alert will inform you about your Time Deposit placement execution.

Time Deposit Maturity

Alert will inform you about your Time Deposit maturity.

Time Deposit Renewal

Alert will inform you post the Time Deposit Renewal.

Time Deposit Redemption

Alert will inform you at the time of redemption of a Time Deposit credit into your specific account.

You will receive an alert notifying you when your checking account is overdrawn.

Debit Card Transaction

You will receive an alert when you use your Debit Card for retail purchases.

Direct Debit Order not carried out

You will receive an alert when Direct Debit set up on your account was not successfully completed.

Standing Payment Order not carried out

You will receive an alert when a Standing Instruction or a recurring transfer set up on your account was not successfully completed.

Order Rejected eBrokerage

You will receive an alert when your eBrokerage Order is rejected.

You will receive an alert once your checking account is debited by any amount for (ATM Withdrawal, Loan or Card Payments, Scheduled Instructions etc.).

Credit on Account

You will receive an alert once any amount is credited to your account through (Cash Deposit, Online Transfer etc.).

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