Sep 5 2018

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One Way Moving Truck Rental

Over three million people move each year just in this country alone. While professional moving companies are still popular, a new moving solution has taken the spotlight. A one way moving truck rental is the perfect blend of services for a wide variety of moves. If you are taking your family to a new state on account of your job, such a moving truck rental is the right way to save money and move everything safely. If you simply want to move closer to your parents or other family members, these vehicles can provide you with a way to control your move and all of the aspects that go along with it. Regardless of whom you are or what your situation may be, a one way moving truck rental can be easily adapted to your specific needs and you can reap the many benefits of this moving method.

Perhaps the one benefit of this method that everyone loves the most is the money that you will save if you choose to rent a one way moving truck rental for your long distance move. Unlike professional movers or even portable storage container moving, you will not have to pay for the labor that would be associated with hiring one of these other options. Because you will be responsible for providing all of the labor, you will save hundreds of dollars on your move.

Another benefit of the one way moving truck rental that people love is the fact that you do not have to return the truck to the place where you picked it up. As the name implies, you will be going one way and thus, you will be dropping the truck off at another location that the company has in your destination city. This can save you tons of heartache, because you will not have to worry about bringing the truck home and then finding another way to your new house.

Finally, renting one of these vehicles also comes with unlimited miles most of the time. While you should always check your rental contract first to see what the exact terms and conditions are, most rental companies offer this with any long distance moves. This simply means that you will not be charged a fee per mile that you take the vehicle. Most companies simply have a distance fee that is the basis for the rental rate, but you will always know your costs up front and you will never have to worry about racking up the miles.

There are a couple different methods that you can use to move, but a one way moving truck rental is the best way to meet all of your requirements without having to spend a fortune. With the money that you will save, along with the reduced stress associated with a do it yourself move; you can truly get off to a good start in your new home. It is no wonder that this method of moving is more popular and still growing as the number one choice of consumers today.


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Moving Tip #1 – Get Organized!

In order to make your move go as smooth as possible, you need to organize and schedule everything involved before you begin. Creating a written schedule, budget, and inventory are all steps that you should take before you pack everything into a truck and go.

Moving Tip #2 – Save Money!

Using green packing techniques, you can actually save money on your move while protecting the environment. Some ideas for green packing includes reusing boxes or making sure to use any available materials that are already in your home.

Moving Tip #3 – Protect your Things!

Make sure that you don’t go anywhere without the proper insurance coverage. There are lots of plans out there that you can get to cover your things while they are in transit, and no matter which one you go with, you need to be sure to carry high enough limits to cover everything you have in case it is all lost.

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