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New Streaming Movie Service, Zediva, Offers $1 Online Rentals #rent #the #car

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New Streaming Movie Service, Zediva, Offers $1 Online Rentals

By Nathan Spicer  |  March 16, 2011  |  1:00pm

The Hollywood Reporter via The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix and Redbox have a new competitor in the low-price DVD rental business. The film-rental site Zediva will offer movies before Netflix and Redbox and charge as low as $1.

Zediva allows you to choose any currently available DVD and watch it on any device you want, anywhere you are (as long as there is a decent internet connection!) the site says.

Netflix must wait 28 days before offering films due to studio deal constraints and though Redbox is able to offer most films the day they are released, they also have the 28-day delay for DVDs from Warner Brothers, Fox and Universal. However, Zediva puts them up as soon as they re available on DVD. Users have 14 days to watch the films, which typically cost $1.99; a 10-film package is $10.

For now, the streaming platforms are limited to PCs, Macs and Google TV with Adobe Flash. Zediva states, We hope to quickly expand the number of platforms and devices we can serve in 2011.

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