Nov 28 2017

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Lovefilm – Britain’s Largest Choice of Film & Games

Why do we recommend Lovefilm and why is it our number one choice?

  • Britain’s largest collection of films and games to rent by post and stream online
  • Test drive for free with a no-risk 30 day free trial period
  • Lovefilm offers unbeatable value and outstanding customer service
  • No late fees, due dates, or unexpected charges
  • Cancel at any time – no minimum contracts

Lovefilm News – The Latest Updates From Lovefilm

Online viewing overtakes renting by post

Friday March 22, 2012 – Press Release

Lovefilm has confirmed that during February it’s customers watched more films and TV online through it’s streaming service than by renting discs with it’s postal dvd rental service. The number of movies and tv episodes watched online was four times the level recorded over the same period last year. These statistics highlight the surge in popularity of the new Lovefilm Instant streaming service. which was launched in 2011.

Jim Buckle, Managing Director of Lovefilm, commented: The first quarter of 2012 has shown us two things: that LOVEFiLM members are watching more films and TV series both on the Internet and on DVD than ever before and in less than three years, streaming through LOVEFiLM Instant has become more popular than renting DVDs. reach over 2 million members in 2012

Monday January 9, 2012 – Press Release

Amazon owned Lovefilm now has over 2 million customers, making it Europe’s largest film rental/streaming company. You may have seen that Lovefilm has been running an extensive TV and London Underground campaign which was aimed at promoting their Instant service. This campaign has helped ensure a busy few months, with Lovefilm adding over 15,000 new members every week!

Lovefilm Instant is launched

Monday December 5, 2011 – Press Release

In 2009, Lovefilm launched the UK�s first subscription film and TV streaming service which has now become Lovefilm Instant, a standalone service streaming on computers and through over 150 internet-enabled devices including Xbox 360, PS3, internet-connected TV’s – Sony, LG, and Samsung – and also available on the iPad.

Price drop on ‘unlimited two-disc package’

Lovefilm has just cut the price of one of it’s most popular rental plans, the Unlimited 2 option, with the monthly cost sliding down to �9.99 from �13.27 per month. This packages gives you unlimited film rentals with two discs out at a time plus unlimited online film streaming through the Lovefilm website.

About Lovefilm – What They Say About Themselves

LOVEFiLM is a leading European film and TV subscription service that combines DVD rental with the benefits of movies to watch instantly, via the LOVEFiLM Player, on your TV or PC. We offer an unbeatable proposition: innovative home entertainment packages that include unlimited DVD rental each month, free postage and no late fees, plus online viewing that’s included as part of the monthly subscription. Our online DVD rental is reliable, cost-effective, and comprises the widest choice: over 70,000 titles, ranging from new releases to documentaries to games, and catering for all tastes.

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