Aug 28 2018

Long Term Car Rental with Sixt rent a car, monthly car rental.#Monthly #car #rental

Car Rental for a Month Saves Money

Monthly car rental

If you have long term travel plans, renting a car for a month might be the perfect solution. Sixt offers the opportunity save money when you rent a car on a monthly basis. You can get a great deal on monthly car rental at most of our locations around the globe. With a wide array of vehicles, premium customer service we make longer term car rental easy. If you are looking for a car rental for one month or longer, be sure to inquire about our Very Long Term Special*

Popular Vehicles for Long Term Car Rental

Monthly car rental

Monthly car rental

Monthly car rental

Reasons for Monthly Car Rental from Sixt

  • Save Money: Renting a car for a month often works out to be cheaper than a shorter period.
  • Road Trip: With so much to opportunity for exploration and adventure it doesn’t always make sense to cram travel into a short time. Enjoy a month or more of travel in a Sixt rental car to discover what’s on and off the beaten path and have the chance for an unforgettable experience.
  • Car Replacement: With a monthly rental you can get your life back on track after an unfortunate accident or breakdown. Don’t rely on public transport to get to work and get the kids to school – a cheap Sixt car rental for a month can provide the convenience and comfort you need.
  • Extended Vacations: Whether relocating for a month or taking a longer vacation, a month rental gives you the flexibility you need.

Sixt Services with Month Car Rental

We have a wide selection of rental cars plus plenty of additional services and upgrades available with our monthly car rental. Please make your month or longer car rental in advance, online or directly with our team to ensure your selected vehicle?s availability in your chosen location. We look forward to handing you the keys to an affordable, top quality rent a car.

*Very Long Term Special by Sixt is offered for long term car rentals from a minimum of one month up to eight months. The special includes 1,000 miles per month, a one time only premium of $1,000 paid the first month, a decreasing monthly rate and guarantees a BMW 3 series rental option. Offer valid when you pick up the rental between January 13th and February 28th. For further details, inquire about the very long term special option when booking your long term rental.

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