Apr 10 2019

Google Groups: Create an email list

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Google Groups: Create an email list, NEF6.COM

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Does your team regularly share information with team members via email? If so, you might want to set up a Google Group as an email list. An email list can be set up just like a distribution list— you can create a new email address that anyone in your organization can use to send messages to your team.

Here’s how an email list works. how to set it up, and how to launch it with your team.

Already set up your Google Group? Learn more about how to use the new Google Groups for Business here.

Email List: How it works

Let’s c onsider the Marketing team for a fictitious company named Solarmora, who is using an email list to share information with their team.

Here’s how to set it up.

Email List: How to set it up

To set up an email list, you create a Google Group whose members include the entire team and that allows anyone in the organization to post to the group. Then when you add people to the group, you assign each one their appropriate role.

To set up an email list you need to be a Google Apps Group Owner. For help with that, contact your company s Google Apps Administrator.

Create and configure the group

From the Groups home page, click Create Group.

  • Enter the group s name and description.
  • Update the group s email address as desired.
  • Select Email List as the Group Type.
  • Adjust group settings as shown in the tables below.
  • Click Create when you’re done.
  • Review group roles and permissions

    To regulate which tasks certain group members can perform, you can assign them roles. Each role grants specific permissions. When you create an Email List group, Groups sets up three roles with the permissions shown below. You can modify these roles for your group or even create new ones. But first, take a look at the default roles to see if they’ll work for you as is:

    • Member. Can post to the group.
    • Manager. Can post to the group. Also able to approve, add or remove members.
    • Owner. Creates the group and adds members.

    In addition to the Basic permissions you set when creating the group, additional permissions related to Posting, Moderation, and Access are set based on the group type you selected. The default permissions for the collaborative inbox are shown on the next pages of this document.

    Create or modify group roles

    If the default roles and permissions shown above work for your team, go ahead and use them as is. If not, you can modify a role’s permissions, say, to only let a manager view the group s members. Or create an entirely new role with its own set of permissions.

    1. Go to the group’s welcome page and click the Manage button.
    2. At the left of the page click Roles .
    3. To change a role’s permissions, click the role you want to change. To create a new role, click the Create button.

    Email List: Launch it with your team

    Pre-launch checklist

    Before launching the group with your team, think about how your team will use an email list:

    • Document how your teams should use the group as an email list.
    • Identify who should be the group s members, manager(s) and owner(s).
    • Make sure all group members have Google Apps accounts with your domain.

    Add or invite members

    Once your group is set up and its members all have Google Apps accounts, it’s time to to add team members to your group. You can invite new members, in which case they must accept the invitation in order to join the group. Or you can add them directly without requiring that they accept. In the case of Solarmora, we ll add members directly, as we want every person on the Marketing team to be in the group:

    1. Go to the group’s welcome page and click the Manage button.
    2. At the left of the page, under Members. click Direct add members.
    3. Enter a welcome message, such as the one below:

    Welcome to the Google Group for the Marketing team. This group is set up as an Email List for our team. The email list will allow us to have a single point of contact for our team that anyone in the organization can use to communicate with us.

    For more information on using Google Groups as an email list, visit We ll also review how to use this Google Group at our next team meeting.

    Now your email list is ready to go!

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