Mar 21 2018

GameStop Confirms Game Rental Program is Real, game rental.#Game #rental

GameStop Confirms Game Rental Program is Real

Game rental

Rumors have been running rampant about GameStop potentially starting an innovative game rental program called PowerPass, which would allow customers to swap used games indefinitely over the course of six months for a $60 fee. A source at GameStop has now exclusively confirmed to Game Rant that the PowerPass program is indeed real, and it will launch on November 19th.

PowerPass will be a part of GameStop s holiday strategy, and as such, can be purchased as a gift. For $60, gamers can enjoy unlimited gaming for six months, with customers able to select any used title they wish, including retro games. At the end of the six month period, subscribers can choose one game to keep.

It s worth noting that the PowerPass program requires that customers be PowerUp Rewards members to join. For the uninitiated, PowerUps Rewards has three tiers (two of which carry an annual fee) that come with their own set of perks for GameStop customers, including discounts on games as well as a subscription to Game Informer magazine. According to GameStop, the PowerUp Rewards requirement is so the company can better keep track of which used games customers have rented out.

Game rental

GameStop is currently in the process of rolling this program out to its stores, which is why a few GameStop employees we spoke to earlier today were unaware of its existence. While some stores may be a little bit more behind than others, the innovative PowerPass program should be available in all stores come November 19th, just in time for the holiday shopping rush.

All things considered, it looks as though the PowerPass rental program from GameStop is a great deal for budget-minded gamers. It gives them unlimited access to as many games as they want within the six month period, and could very well convince many to stick with physical media over digital games.

With GameStop being forced to close down 150 stores earlier this year, this revolutionary new rental service could be the shot in the arm it needs. Luckily, gamers won t have to wait much longer to see if the PowerPass program is as great as it sounds on paper.

GameStop s PowerPass program begins November 19th.

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