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  • Filing Equipment Supplies
    • File Folders

    Customized to improve your productivity.

  • Color Coded File Labels
    A full range of high quality file labels.
  • Cabinets
    The ideal solution where accessibility, space and security are issues.
  • Shelving
    Maximize your space while making it easier to file, retrieve and shift your files or inventory.
  • Mobile Shelving
    Double the capacity of your filing room or storage area.
  • File Tracking Software
    Know what files you have, where they are and where they are needed next.
  • Specialized Storage
    • Government and Military Storage
      High-density storage provides convenience, security, quick access and personnel safety.
    • Public Safety and Justice Storage
      Storage systems for law enforcement, crime labs, courthouses, correctional facilities and more.
    • Healthcare Storage
      High-density storage for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, linens and more.
    • University and Library Storage
      Multi-use storage can provide right solution for books, musical instruments, athletic equipment and more.
    • Museum Storage
      TAB storage systems provide the unique solution required fro museum collections.
    • Retail and Inventory Storage
      Achieve maximum storage space for your inventory and free up valuable retail space.
  • Electronic Records Management
    • Preparing for Electronic Records
      How to get ready for electronic records management.
    • Imaging Services
      Convert your paper records to digital images.
    • RM Program Design Implementation
      Establish a solid foundation to manage your electronic records.
    • Records Management Software
      Software to store, track and manage your records.
    • Shared Drive Management
      Chaotic shared drives become organized.
    • Business Process Outsourcing
      TAB ’s Records and Operations Management Services allow you to focus on your business.
  • Implementation
    • File Conversion
      Streamline the way you file, to save time, space and cost.
    • File Relocation
      Preserve the integrity of your collection before, during and after relocation.
    • File Room Management
      Outsource your file room for expert people, proven methodologies, products and technologies.
    • Offsite Box Audit
      Know what’s inside your offsite storage collection.
    • RM Program Design Implementation
      Create and implement a program that will help you increase efficiency, minimize costs and reduce risk.
      Purge your file collection with TAB`s guidance.
  • Resources
    • Toolkits
      White papers, checklists, and assessments to help you tackle your RM issues.
    • Case Studies
      How organizations have tackled RM challenges with TAB.
    • Common Issues
      A collection of information to help you with common RM issues.
    • Literature
      Detail on TAB products and services.
    • Newsletters
      Monthly news on best practices, information and news you need to tackle today’’s biggest RM issues.
    • Records Management Blog
      TAB’s blog featuring records management tips, best practices and news.
  • About TAB
    • Why Choose TAB
      Over 70% of the Fortune 100 rely on TAB to support their RM functions.
    • TAB Corporate Video Overview
      3 minutes to get to know TAB.
    • Careers
      Come work with us.
    • Leadership
      TAB’s Executive Team.
    • Media
      Press kit and contacts.
    • Office Locations

      Records Management Tools

      Whether you are new to records management, looking for guidance in managing paper and electronic records together, developing a records retention program, or researching records management software. we have resources to help you through the process.

      We have created collateral materials on records management best practices to address the needs of records managers in businesses, financial institutions, government, law enforcement agencies and other numerous industries. Use the menu on the left or below to browse through and if you can t find what you are looking for, please contact us .

      Reduce Your Offsite Storage Costs

      Learn best practices
      for reducing your offsite
      storage spend.

      Online Ordering

      Order TAB folders, labels, filing accessories and more on our shopping site.

      Contact Us

      Contact a TAB
      representative for
      more information.

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