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Free Georgia Rental Lease Agreement Templates, PDF, Word (, rental lease.#Rental #lease

Georgia Rental Lease Agreement Templates | PDF | Word

Each one of our four different Georgia lease agreements is tailored to the exacts needs of the landlord and tenant. Whether a tenant is looking to lease the landlord’s property for a year, month-to-month, to a business/company, or a tenant looking to joint lease the property you are renting (sublease), these agreements will fit your needs. It is advised that all tenants be screened through the rental application to verify all credit and background information to ensure the individual is credit worthy.

Rental lease

Georgia Commercial Lease Agreement

Use the Georgia commercial lease agreement if you are a property owner in the state and looking to lease your property to a confident business owner. The contract is structured to allow any type of retail, office, or industrial user to successfully work out of the space. Like the other three lease agreements, it is suggested that the landlord asks the business owner to complete a rental application so the landlord can get a sense of the principal owners history before the landlord

Rental lease

Georgia Month-to-Month Lease Agreement

Designed for individuals unsure of their exact time of stay at a property, the Georgia Month-to-Month lease agreement is structured around a lease that terminates can terminate any month with at least sixty (60) from the landlord and thirty (30) days from the tenant (44-7-6 to 44-7-7). Although this lease is shorter than average, it is still recommended that the landlord ask the applying tenant to complete a rental application so the landlord can gain a perspective on the tenants personal history. Since

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Georgia Notice to Pay or Quit | Eviction Notice for Late Rent

The Georgia eviction notice for late rent is to be used by a property owner or manager to alert a tenant that they are late on their monthly payment. Under Georgia law (44-7-50), there is no statute on how long the landlord needs to give the tenant in order to pay all back-rent or vacate. The landlord should give the tenant sufficient time which is usually between three (3) 5o five (5) business days.

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Georgia Rental Application

The Georgia rental application is the key to ensuring a property owner is leasing to a trustworthy and honest tenant and is useful for all four (4) separate lease agreements; commercial, residential, month-to-month, and the sublease. Once the form is complete, the landlord will then have assess to the applying tenant’s criminal, employment, previous rental, and credit information. This review will help make a safe and smart decision about who lives and rents on the property. It is also suggested that the landlord ask

Rental lease

Georgia Residential Lease Agreement

The Georgia residential lease is the most popular type of lease agreement and typically serves property owners who are looking to lease out their property for one (1) year to an ordinary tenant. For the lease to go into effect, both the landlord and tenant will have to agree on the terms and conditions of the terms and sign the contract. There is typically a fee that the tenant will have to pay if he or she terminates the lease before the

Rental lease

Georgia Sublease Agreement

This Georgia Sub-lease Agreement is a common form among college students and individuals who are financially challenged and not able to rent residential space on their own. How Does a Sublease Work? The original tenant to a property, called the sub-lessor, forms an agreement with an individual to rent some or all of their space, called the sub-lessee. All of the liability still falls on the sub-lessor, meaning if the sub-lessee does not make monthly payments or damages the property in

For a quick look at all the laws between a residential landlord-tenant relationship view the State Handbook.

Flooding Information *Only to be disclosed when the property has been flooded more than three (3) times in the previous five (5) years.

Identify (44-7-3) The landlord must identify the persons authorized to manage the premises and if the details change during the course of the term the owner has thirty (30) days to notify the tenant.

Lead-Based Paint Required by federal law to be distributed to a tenant leasing any residential unit that was built prior to 1978.

Move-in Checklist (44-7-33) The landlord must supply the tenant with the move-in checklist before accepting a Security Deposit.

Security Deposits (44-7-30 to 44-7-36) The landlord, after accepting a Security Deposit, must inform the lessee of the banking institution and the type of escrow account it is being held.

Return (44-7-2) The landlord has one (1) month from the date the lease ends or other termination to give back the Security Deposit to the tenant.

Entry/Access to Property (by Landlord)

There is no current Statute that requires the landlord to give notice to the tenant. Although it is recommended for a good landlord-tenant relationship that the property owner/manager provide at least one (1) days notice.

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