Apr 10 2019

Enterprise IT Helpdesk Solution on Cloud

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Enterprise IT Helpdesk Solution on Cloud, NEF6.COM

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Enterprise IT Helpdesk Solution

Enterprise IT solution market trends

As an enterprise you would’ve seen how the role of the IT department in your organization has changed considerably. It’s no longer merely about ensuring that the server is just buzzing along without glitches. We have crossed the stage of on-premise software to the flexible glories of SaaS. You know well the IT budget for your business. It generally ranges anywhere from 1% – 30% of the total expenses, especially now that IT organizations know that they need to be more equipped and have to offer quick solutions with proficiency. Enterprises know they can’t compromise with the quality they deliver and at the same time are pressured by the need to keep down IT costs. Sounds like your story too?

What Enterprise IT Solutions must have

  • Flexible operation hours to provide seamless support
  • Save time with systematic tracking and solving issues
  • Reduce the average response time and resolve more tickets
  • Immediate resolutions prioritizing the tickets
  • Efficient reports to gauge every agent and teams performance and progress
  • Keep tab on the customer satisfaction report to rate your performance
  • Provision to create your own Knowledge Base for future reference
Here s how Freshservice can help you.

If one of your employees is stuck, for instance, in a traffic jam and contacts you, what does he expect in return? He probably wants you to respond and resolve some IT problem quickly. In order to handle any escalated problem, you’ll have to assess, plan and come up with a service level agreement that complies with your business requirements. It’s a tedious task to manage, even with the technology to help you. This is why you need an enterprise service desk software, and a systematic customizable workflow that is simple-to-use.

Enhance your internal support operations and optimize your staff efforts with a smart service desk that has a comprehensive, yet flexible, automation process. With Freshservice, you can resolve issues faster and with more precision, maximize employee productivity, keep a tab on performance and financial management, a lot more.

What Freshservice offers

Gamification : Did you know two-third of IT admins look for a career-switch due to stress and the extra working hours they have to put in? IT Support is not considered to be one of the most boring and thankless jobs for no reason. Which is why Freshservice aims to get your agents to start enjoying their work through gamification. They earn points for every resolved ticket and bonus points for quick responses and resolutions. Maximize productivity by boosting morale through helpdesk gamification.

Systematic Workflow : You are the person who knows your needs best. Which is why you need the customization option that allows you to play around with the software. Create a template that suits your business requirement, add and assign rules, set the performance standard for your support team with the SLA you are good. Determine the time within which agents should respond and resolve tickets on the basis of ticket priorities.

Reduce your management work: No more worrying about creating reports and tracking time for every single agent. Use the auto-generated reports to see agents and team performance. Measure productivity and do a comparative analysis with ease. Keep a tab on your CI within a few clicks, on the same page. Find out your assets values and depreciation calculated to reduce your workload. Add your maintenance and installation charges and it automatically gets updated to your CI value list. All of this is easy in Freshservice.

Why is IT considered the Worst Job?

Know In-Depth about Freshservice IT Help Desk Software

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