Apr 8 2019

Best IT Asset Management Software 2017 – Reviews and Compare

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Best IT Asset Management Software 2017 - Reviews and Compare, NEF6.COM

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Compare IT Asset Management Software

What is IT Asset Management Software?

IT asset management software is designed to help IT managers perform their jobs more effectively by creating a centralized IT dashboard to manage asset inventory and, with some software, service requests as well. Traditionally IT asset management software’s main focus was to track an organization’s IT assets, including software and hardware, helping to keep tabs on everything from Microsoft Office software licenses to employee laptops and mobile devices. The complexity of IT asset management software varies drastically from simple barcode scanning inventory solutions to complex data center management tools and enterprise IT help desk software. Below is a breakdown of some of the main functions that IT asset management software can include:

Feature Breakdown

Some solutions offer a fully functional IT service help desk to streamline IT service requests, track resolution times, and host self service documentation for common problems. Some the these features include task management, email automation, custom workflows, and email-to-ticket conversion.

These features are for the more technical aspects of IT management such as monitoring server performance and network usage to identify bottlenecks and hardware malfunctions.

Keep detailed information on each of your assets, including where it’s located, which employee it belongs to, how many there are and when it’s due for maintenance or re-licensing.

Keep track of your asset contracts and stay compliant. These features include the ability to monitor your assets for license compliance, receive alerts when licenses are due to expire, and help lookup vendor warranty information for your assets.

Use Cases

There are three main IT asset management software use cases:

  • Internal IT Managers – These are IT managers using the software to manage their company’s internal IT needs. These solutions need to be able to monitor the major networking components of an organization to ensure consistent uptime. Many of these solutions intended for smaller users are available at a low cost or for free.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) – These are for IT outsourcing companies that provide IT services for other businesses. It’s important for these solutions to include help desk functionality with strong resolution tracking to ensure that the outsourcing company can provide performance statistics to their clients.
  • Business-to-Consumer – These are generally enterprises that need to track large quantities of hardware distributed to many consumer customers, such as a cable company who leases DVR cable receivers. These companies are likely using more than one software solution to manage their customer service, such as a robust help desk software, CRM, and perhaps a field service management solution to dispatch technicians to perform on-site services. With so many different software solutions it’s important for these users to find a IT asset management solution that integrates with their existing software.

IT Asset Management Market Overview

Platform Breakdown
IT asset management software is trending towards online based solutions, but not as quickly as other software markets like CRM. The majority of software vendors in this comparison (75) are still offering an on premise solution, with online solutions a close second (61) and many software vendors offering mobile access via a mobile enabled site or mobile app (40).

Top Ten Customer Industries
Another important consideration when looking for the right software solution is industry; are these software vendors accustomed to working with clients in your industry?

Below are the most common industries and accompanying organizations that we’ve found amongst the customers of the IT asset management software in this comparison.

1. Commercial Banking Companies

Citibank, Jpmorgan Chase Bank, Bank Of America Corporation, Capital One Financial Corporation, Hsbc North America Holdings Inc, Discover Financial Services

2. Higher Education

Northwestern University, Calvin College, Loyola Marymount University Inc, The Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, University Of Wisconsin System, University Of Oregon, Carnegie Mellon University

3. Computer Systems Design

International Business Machines Corporation, Unisys Corporation, Microfocus Software Inc, Globant, Llc, Xenosoft Technologies, Inc, Rackspace Hosting, Inc. Sap America, Inc

4. Software Publishers

Symantec Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Citrix Systems, Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Blizzard, Inc

5. Elementary and Secondary Schools

Val Verde Unified School District, Indianapolis Public Schools, Surrey School District 41, Lincoln Park Public Schools, Charles County Public Schools, Newark Unified School District, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Riverside Local School District

6. Computer Equipment Manufacturing

Acer America, Dell Inc, Xerox Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc, Juniper Networks, Inc, Ncs Pearson Inc, Toshiba America, Logitech International

7. Instruments Manufacturing Companies

Dry Creek Conservancy, Microtek Labs, Cepheid, Siemens Industry, Inc, Bae Systems Inc, Areva, Emerson Electric Co, Agilent Technologies, Inc. Data Flow Systems

8. Life, Health, and Medical Insurance

Aviva Life And Annuity Company, Metlife Inc, Fortis Insurance Company, Aegon Usa, Inc, Healthspring, Inc, Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Michigan, Tri State Business Systems, Inc, Standard Life Accident Insurance Co Inc, University Of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston

9. Pharmaceutical Companies

Biosource International, Inc, Patheon Inc, Baxter International Inc, Lifecell Corporation, Capsugel Inc, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U S A. Inc, Epicuren, Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

10. Engineering Services Companies

Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Canon USA Inc, American Systems Corporation, Integrated Cryptologic Solutions Llc, National Security Technologies, Llc

Company Size Another good indicator of whether or not a company is right for your organization is the size of their existing clients. If they primarily deal with companies that are similar in size to your own, they are probably familiar with your pricing and feature requirements. Using an extensive database of information on millions of companies and a list of notable clients from each software vendor’s website, we were able to calculate the overall median number of employees and annual revenue for the business customers of the software vendors in this comparison, which were 550. and $88M. respectively. To reiterate, the average company size of an IT asset management software customer is around 550 employees and $88M in annual revenue. These figures are meant to be directional, and not serve as actual market average estimates for an IT asset management software customer.

Now that you know more information about the IT asset management software market and the features these software offer, it’s time to go out and create your shortlist of potential software vendors. You can use our extensive IT Asset Management Software Comparison to narrow down your options based on your business profile and the features you need, then compare software side by side to see which is right for you.

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