Aug 11 2017

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Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Attorney: Chapter 7 And 13

Every client in my office is my most important client. Contact The Law Offices of Randy Lee Bumgarner now at 405-557-7800 for friendly, personalized legal services.

If your debts are becoming too much for you to handle, you need a seasoned attorney to help you through the process of bankruptcy. Whether you need Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection or assistance with mortgage foreclosure, I can help you at The Law Offices of Randy Lee Bumgarner, with location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Using Bankruptcy Law To Solve Your Financial Problems

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges your debt while Chapter 13 reorganizes or consolidates your bills. Both are valid and legal options to solve mounting financial problems. While there were changes in bankruptcy laws a few years ago, most clients who come to The Law Offices of Randy Lee Bumgarner will still qualify.

An Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney And Friend Advocating For You

From the initial consultation, where you provide me with your financial information, to the meeting with creditors, to the final discharge or reorganization of your debts, I will be by your side. As your lawyer and friend, I will help you find the best resolution quickly and effectively.
Maintaining Your Home And Your Privacy

Keeping your house and car is still an option. I can help stop mortgage foreclosure and repossession actions. Qualifying for credit in the future is also possible following the reorganization or discharge of your debts. In addition, your friends and neighbors never need to know the decision you made to file bankruptcy.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding bankruptcy law and how it can provide you debt relief, please contact me today.


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