Jun 22 2018

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Auto Deals Coupons

Maintaining a car is one of those things that you could pay someone to do, but for many, the savings and satisfaction of doing it yourself are worth the extra time and effort. Even if you re doing auto repairs and upgrades yourself though, auto parts and accessories can still cost a pretty penny. The deals and coupons on this page will help you keep your car in tip top shape without breaking the bank.

Before you can get to the car maintenance, you ll need a car. If you ve been considering a lease, it pays to shop around since rates and conditions vary quite a bit. Once you get to the car sales floor, be sure to ask about lease specials. Dealers often offer significant savings on slow-moving models. You ll also want to negotiate the interest rate for the lease and ask about taxes, fees and residual value for when your lease is up. You ll also want to confirm how many miles you re allowed per year and determine if that will work for your driving habits.

If you find that a lease or new car is out of your budget, shopping used cars for sale is one of the best ways to get a cheap car. To get started:

● Determine your budget.

● Make a list of cars (make, model and year) that fit your needs within that budget.

● Shop the used cars available in your area and narrow down what s available within your list.

● Get a vehicle history report to find out if there is anything you should be concerned about.

● Test drive the car and have it inspected.

● Negotiate a good deal by offering an amount that s lower than the asking price, but still within the range of the suggested value of the car. Once you ve settled on a price, sign the paperwork, pay the seller and you re done!

How to Find the Best Discount Auto Parts

While there is no shortage of auto part stores, markups can be high. That s why it pays to do your research. Check prices at multiple retailers, making sure to compare prices on the exact same item, since car model, year or trim package will make a difference. Surprisingly, eBay actually has amazing prices on car parts and accessories. Amazon, as well, has good deals on parts. If you do end up going with one of the major auto part retailers, like AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, be sure to check here for discounts, coupons and other specials before you buy.

Shopping for Car Rental Deals

When it comes to find good rental car deals, it pays to book in advance. Renting a car from the counter or at the airport often means additional fees and jacked up prices. Other ways to save on rental cars including opting for a smaller car, renting by the week to get a lower per-day rate and seeing if you have insurance covered through your current insurance provider rather than the car rental company.

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