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Ute Hire, Van Hire & Rental Perth Australia

Van rental Van rental Van rental

Servicing Australia with the best Utes and Vans.

Our vehicles are conveniently located at your local Bunnings Warehouse, over 190 locations throughout Australia.

Contact your local Bunnings store for booking and availability. View our locations page to find the closest location and contact details to you.

If you are having trouble finding your closest store, or just have an enquiry, call us on 1800 131 975.

Ute hire in Australia

The utility vehicle is a common sight on Australian roads and has been popular for many years owing to the flexibility that it offers drivers. The different accessories available make them ideal for shifting a wide variety of goods over short and long distances. Tradesmen such as plumbers and builders find these sturdy vehicles just the thing for transporting themselves and their tools to sites in cities and more remote areas too.

Whether you need to hire a ute for an hour to take your new bulky purchase home, a day to help out with your gardening requirements, or if you need a commercial vehicle for a long term hire, Handy Rentals has a variety of hire options you can choose from.Our fleet is maintained to high standards to ensure that they do not let you down, so you can be assured of reliability and durability.

Are you contemplating buying a ute but not sure if you will use it? At our prices, hiring a ute is a great way to discover all the advantages that such a vehicle has to offer without committing yourself to a large purchase.

Our Rates

We know your budget is very important. Whether you want to pay the bare minimum to get in out and get the job done, or take the insurance waivers ‘just in case’ – the choice is yours.

Hourly hires have a kilometre charge of 39c per km, where a day rate includes 100kms free then 22cents per km. This way you can work out the cheapest rate for your job with the rates below.

A good deal

We know that when you are looking for a rental vehicle company, one of the main factors is how much the hire will cost you. With no hidden fees or charges, you can be assured that the price given to you will be the price you will pay.

Instead of building it into the price, our customers have the choice to reduce their insurance excess, and can choose to cover the windscreen tyres.

Long term

As a nationwide company we are proud to offer long term vehicle hire that companies over Australia can rely on, as well as short term leases.

Many companies prefer the convenience that hiring a vehicle offers, as opposed to buying one outright. Depreciation is not an issue and upgrading to a new model can be done on a regular basis without having to worry.

Moving house

Many of our customers hire our vehicles when they are moving house. As our utes have drop side trays, this makes it an easy task to load and unload your furniture and boxes, whilst conveniently located tie down bars assist with securing your load to the tray.

For people who want to take care of things themselves these vehicles are ideal for transporting furniture and.

Van rental Perth

We cater to people across the country that are looking for good deals on reliable vehicles for hire. If you are living in the capital city of Western Australia or elsewhere in the state, you will find that we have many locations from where it is possible to hire reliable vehicles that can be used for a variety of purposes. Tradesmen and commercial organisations often contact us to help with transport arrangements and because all our vehicles are well maintained they know that they can rely on them to do the job they require. When searching for Ute hire Perth companies and individuals are bound to come across our name as we have a reputation for excellence and for charging our customers highly competitive prices. There are no vehicles in our fleet that are over 5 years old, which means our clients do not have to worry about reliability issues.

Well equipped

Price is always an important consideration when choosing which company to hire a utility vehicle from but it is also important to consider what equipment is included in the package. Whether you are looking to hire a utility vehicle for personal use or are interested in our van hire Perth commercial deals, the fact that all of them are fitted with front and rear ladder racks will make it easy for you to carry overhead loads of up to 8 metres in length. Every one of our utility vehicles is equipped with a drop side tray to facilitate speedy loading and unloading, as well as a tow bar. There are quite a few companies in the state that specialise in the hire of commercial vehicles but if you are looking for great prices and a personal service we believe that we are the best choice for van rental Perth packages.

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