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Advantage Rent A Car Application

January 15th, 2012 by windjc

Advantage Rent A Car Application Apply Online At Advantage Rent A Car Today

Advantage Rent A Car Job Application Online

Advantage Rent A Car s online job application is the best way to apply for employment. Submit your Advantage Rent a Car application today and get it all started.

Advantage Rent A Car Jobs Available 

Advantage Rent A Car jobs include   Customer Service Representative, Customer Sales Associate, Customer Sales Manager, Valet Attendant, Car Transporter, Service Agent, Mechanic, Finance Associate, Shuttle Driver, Flex Service Representative, Area Manager, Pricing Manager, Airport Manager, General Manager

Minimum Employment Age At Advantage Rent A Car:

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Advantage Rent A Car

Advantage Rent A Car Store Hours

Advantage Rent A Car is open from 10am to 12am Sunday through Thursday, and from 10am to 1am Friday through Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Advantage Rent A Car

Originally starting out at Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals in 1963 in Texas serving government employees who needed a ride, Advantage Rent a Car expanded to several locations over the course of two decades before changing their name. By 2001, Advantage Rent a Car had spread internationally.

Operating in 33 countries and in the United States, Advantage Rent a Car had massive success. In 2009, Advantage was purchased by Hertz, which continues to operate Advantage today as a semi-independent company alongside its own car rental service.

If you ve got a passion for cars or are just looking for a job for right now, Advantage Rent a Car is hiring experiences and brand new employees all the time. Fill out an Advantage Rent a Car online application today and see if there are any vacancies open for you.

Most Common Positions At Advantage Rent A Car Income Information

The most common entry-level positions at Advantage Rent a Car include the Car Transporter, Customer Service Representative, and Mechanic.

Car transporters operate the car transporting service that Advantage Rent a Car offers to some of its customers. This is exactly what it sounds like- car transporters will take a car from one place to another. Sometimes, this involves long-distance travel, and sometimes it s only a few hours of a drive. Car transporters are given very strict instructions on what, exactly, they are and are not allowed to do in the car, and what they are liable for. Car transporters absolutely must have excellent character, a great driving record, and the ability to navigate the roads of America.

Customer service representatives are the face of Advantage Rent a Car. They work with customers to understand what they need, what they want, and the best way to get it to them. Good customer service representatives are excellent with people and have a true passion for service.

Mechanics work on, repair, and maintain the fleet of cars that Advantage runs and rents. Mechanics can sometimes have their work cut out for them- some renters are not especially careful with their rentals. Mechanics should have an encyclopedia knowledge of cars, be great working with their hands, and have a sense of responsibility and honesty concerning their trade.

The starting pay for entry-level workers varies greatly depending on previous experience (if any) and job title.

Advantage Rent A Car Benefits

Employees enjoy a variety of job benefits including a competitive starting pay scale, retirement assistance, sick days, paid vacation time, a strong training plan, and more. Fill out your Advantage Rent a Car job application today and see what kind of benefits you can receive!

To visit Advantage Rent A Car s website click here .

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