Sep 21 2017

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Accept Your Admission Offer

Set Up Your Online Career Account

To accept an offer of admission, you must activate your online student career account. After activating your account, you will gain access to your myPurdue online portal. through which you can accept your offer of admission.

To activate your account, you must have your Purdue University ID (PUID) number and your career account setup password, both of which are provided in the admissions offer letter. Your offer letter is viewable via your online application status within 48-72 hours after the admission decision has been made.

Accept Through MyPurdue

If you have activated your career account, you may access your myPurdue online portal to accept your admission offer.

A nonrefundable $400 deposit will be required at the time you accept your offer. The deposit will be applied toward first-semester fees.

The nonrefundable deposit may be paid by e-check or with MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Visa credit cards. Be sure to choose “deposit” not “payment” when submitting this $400 advance deposit.

The online payment system to accept your offer and pay your deposit is not compatible with the Google Chrome Internet browser. Use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, to do this.

Some students will not be required to pay the $400 deposit but still must accept their offer of admission by the appropriate deadline. The online student system, myPurdue, recognizes students who are exempt from the fee, and will allow them to accept their offer online without the payment

Deadlines to Accept Admission Offers

Fall term – Students admitted by April 10 must accept their offer by May 1. Students admitted after April 10 have three weeks to accept.

Spring term – Students admitted by December 1 must accept their offer by December 15. Students admitted after December 1 have three weeks (or until the start of the semester) to accept.

Summer Term – Students admitted by May 1 must accept their offer by May 15. Students admitted after May 1 have three weeks (or until the start of the term) to accept their admission offer.

Students who cannot access their online portal may accept their offer via paper mail by sending their nonrefundable $400 advance deposit and a note with the student’s full name and birth date to:

Purdue University
Bursar’s Office
610 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2040

Declining an Admission Offer

If you wish to decline (cancel) your admission offer, you may submit this online form .

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