Mar 25 2020

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Oscar de la renta couture


Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dresses

This is the second article that we write on the fascinating and interesting haute couture gowns designed by Oscar de la Renta for a wonderful 2011 bridal collection that we recommend especially to the off the beat type of brides who are planning an unconventional type of wedding and look.

This designer is one of the most ingenious and creative fashion designers who create sensational and whimsical or unusual types of dresses for brides and for all kinds of women cloth lines.

We invite those of you who are curious to see more of this couturier’s impressive and original creations to browse for the other articles that we have on various Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses and evening gowns created for his previous collections.

We don’t know whether you will be able to choose something fitted for your own wear at the wedding, but we are quite sure that many of you will find his designs inspiring and attractive.

We know that there are many of you out there interested in everything that is new, innovative, fresh and trendy today in the industry of wedding dresses. So, if you want to keep the pace with the ultimate tendencies in wedding dresses you should definitely browse for this designer’s collections.

These amazing Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses that we’re proposing you in this article were designed exclusively for the modern brides who want to wear something highly fashionable or voguish. The designs are elevated, innovative, original and pretty unusual or unconventional if we are to compare them with other haute couture dresses created by various designers for their collections.

These gowns here are truly not for everybody, but they seem to be more adequate for the mature brides who are planning a chic, coquette and one of a kind look. We believe that this designer’s creations are meant to reach the high expectations of the brides who usually dress a bit more intriguing, fanciful and eccentric in their everyday life.

Those of you with a strong character and a bold independent personality will surely need to find something wilder and more appealing that can fit their individual style and reflect it!

We love the fact that these interesting Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses look very romantic and timeless in silhouettes although the cuts, the embroideries and the details are very contemporary and original. We like the timeless and feminine lines, as well as the creative and Renaissance inspired hats, veils and shawls that can provide the bride with such a glamorous and artistic look.11


April 19, 2011 at 4:46 pm

i like these dresses so much. I have two dresses from here that i could wear with no alteration and the others I could wear with a little bit of modifications. But let’s say they get me inspired, because they do so. the two dresses i could wear instantly are the last one and the third from bottom. They are very different, but what I like about them is that they are so fresh and they are very elegant and that there are a few small details that makes them be so exquisite. I love for example the neckline and the mermaid tail of the third dress from bottom and the line and the shorter part of the last dress. I like how from the bodice the skirt seems to be brought to life.


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