Jan 14 2020

#How much would it be to rent a van @ #Video

#How #much #would #it #be #to #rent #a #van

How much would it be to rent a van


Passenger Van Rental with Sixt

Sixt has 15 person passenger vans and 12 person passenger vans to rent in the USA and abroad so that no one gets left behind on your road trip or vacation. Instead of trying to coordinate a car pool; save time, resources, and gas money by putting everyone together in one clean and comfortable van. You’ll find each passenger has much more leg room in a Sixt rental van specifically designed for large parties.

12 Passengers | FVAR

Chevrolet Express

15 Passengers | PVAR

Chevrolet Express

7 Passenger | MVAR

Mercedes-Benz Metris

15 Passengers | Similar Vehicle

Ford E350 Club Wagon

Reasons to Rent a Passenger Van with Sixt

  • Cost Effective: With our low rates, if you pool gas money the trip will practically pay for itself. Along with the affordable rental prices of Sixt, opting for a passenger van is a great choice.
  • Convenience: Most commonly a rental van is needed when going camping, taking a team to a game or traveling to a sports game, retreat, field trip, group activity, or church event. Since everyone is going to the same place, it makes sense to travel together.
  • Space: Choose between the 15 passenger van or 12 passenger van depending on your needs. Any extra seats not used can store luggage if you’re planning to move house or take plenty of supplies on a trip.

Choose the Perfect Sixt Rental Passenger Van

Sixt make it easy and stress free for you to be able to rent the ideal passenger wagon for your needs. Sixt is looking forward to handing you the keys to your spacious and powerful passenger van of choice. Please note that Sixt may not have your exact van of choice in their fleet so please check in advance due to their exclusivity. You will receive a similar van from the same category. It is also important to check whether your driver’s license is acceptable as sometimes a special license is needed for passenger vans.

Rent a Passenger Van all over the World with Sixt

If you are traveling and need a passenger van for a family vacation or a school trip, Sixt makes it easy to get a great price when you rent a 15 and 12 passenger van. Sixt is located in over 105 countries and has over 40,000 vehicles in our fleet. At nearly all of these locations, Sixt provides a quality large passenger van rental. Sixt is looking forward to handing you the keys to your passenger van where ever you might need one. Please ensure you have a valid driver’s license and all the correct paperwork to allow everything to run smoothly at your Sixt branch of choice.


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