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Lao People’s Democratic Republic Car Rental – Car Hire Price Comparison

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Touring Lao People s Democratic Republic

In southeastern Asia on the northwest of Burma and China, lies a landlocked country known as Lao People s Democratic Republic. It is bordered to the east by Vietnam, Thailand on the West and Cambodia to its south. It is a country with a vast history and makes one of the best tourist attraction destinations in Southeast Asia.

How do I get into the country?

The fact that Laos is a landlocked country does not mean it is extremely difficult to get into the country. However, it is important to understand that there are no flights that operate from Lao to the EU or UK. This means, you might be required to connect a flight into the country. Additionally, understand that it is mandatory to stay with your identification documents in Laos. If you do not produce them when the authorities need them, you might be subject to heavy fines.

What about traveling around the country?

Travelling in Laos should not worry you any bit because there are plenty of travel options available. As a tourist, you are at liberty to choose a travel means that best suits you. Trains are available in plenty, and so are buses and taxis. However, trains and buses might not be the best travel options for anyone with dreams of touring inland Laos. This is because they stick to the main rails and roads. Taxis are good to tour People s Republic of Lao, but they are expensive especially if there are plenty of destinations to tour.

Car rental is perhaps the best travel option for a tourist who dreams of venturing deep into the country. If you want to tour at your own pleasure too, get in touch with the numerous car rental companies giving cheap car hire services. When you rent a car in Lao, you will be able to tour various destinations without worrying about transportation back to your hotel.

Can I find an appropriate place to stay in the country?

The Lao People s Democratic Republic boasts of plenty of tourist accommodation facilities to suit the tastes of every kind of tourist. Some of the top hotels in the country include:

  • Inthira Champasak.
  • The Chang Heritage Hotel.
  • Leuxay Hotel.
  • The LuangSay Residence among many others.

Is there anything I can see in Laos as a tourist?

Laos is the perfect tourist hub for that tourist looking to break away from the demanding chores of the office and relax in the peaceful and natural atmosphere of Laos. If you are an avid trekker, the wilderness of the country will be waiting for you. There are plenty of adventure activities you can take part in. Some of these include rock climbing, kayaking, and biking, rafting and even community-based trekking.

If you love to tour on your own, get in touch with a cheap car hire company and rent a car. There is nothing to fear in the country since it has plenty of friendly people. If you love architecture, you can explore the architectural wonders of Hanoi. Hanoi is a destination that has traces of a French colonial past. It is also a modern city that boasts of lush shaded boulevards, ochre buildings, public parks ad many more tourist attractions.

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